• EASTER BOOM (3/04/19)

      We launch the Easter offer "EASTER BOOM!"On delivery of packages up to 5 kg discounts of -5% will apply, packages of 5+ kg will have discounts of -10%!Parcels are summarized. For example, from one country will be sending two of your parcels weighing 3 kg (6 in total), there will be a discount of -10% for each parcel. Do not miss your EASTER BOOM 😉  The offer is valid from 8/04 - 4/05/19

      Dear customers, we are pleased to announce that the long preparation and testing of the warehouse in Germany has come to an end. And today EUROPOSTUA officially launches a full package delivery from Germany to Ukraine.   Warehouse address in the personal account.Warehouse accepts purchases Mon-Fri 8:00-16:00When ordering at the store, if possible, specify the day and time for delivery in this range.   Costs:1 kg = €1.80 euro (€1.00 euro = 30.50 UAH) to Kiev and Kiev region1 kg = €1.90 euro (€1.00 euro = 30.50 UAH) to other regions of UkraineThe minimum shipping cost is 2.5 kg.Packaging for packages up to 5 kg = €0.50 euroPackaging for packages weighing 5 kg or more = FREE   Be careful, some stores automatically check the address of our warehouse (street and index) when making a purchase. After creating the order, make sure that the shipping address was taken to the correct address. Otherwise, contact the store support immediately.  Please also note that you must fill in the Name column and the Last Name column as follows:Name: AS Log Savenkov.Surname: your first and last name.  *Registration of track numbers of German purchases is done in the same place where English track numbers are registered (My Account > Add Purchase).  *Shops in Germany can send unpaid goods to our warehouse. However, we strongly recommend that you do not order goods that you have not yet paid for. Unpaid goods in the warehouse is not accepted.
  • OFFER FOR MARCH 8 (23/02/19)

      Dear customers, in honor of the holiday of March 8, we have prepared for you a share of -10% for delivery. The promotion applies not only to the fair sex   Condition: The -10% promotion is valid for all shipments from 25.02-9.03.*Shares are not cumulative.EUROPOSTUA – Delivery from England and Europe
  • BLACK FRIDAY 2018 (2/11/18)

      The long-awaited holiday of every shopaholic is on the way - BLACK FRIDAY! In 2018, this holiday falls on November 23. On this day, stores around the world will give their customers all sorts of discounts.  EUROPOSTUA on Black Friday also wants to please its customers with discounts on delivery from November 23-30. The conditions are very simple: if your parcel is 10+ kg - 20% discount on delivery for you! If your parcel 50+ kg - for you a discount on shipping -50%!
  • OFFER -50% (12/04/18)

      OFFER! Every customer has an incredible 50% discount on the first delivery (*15 kg)! Be the first to experience all the benefits of EUROPOSTUA delivery.       EUROPOSTUA delivers goods from online stores in England to Ukraine.